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A Little Cheer - 4 Mini Gin & Tonic Gift Pack

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Our world has dramatically changed, just a short-time ago, who would have thought that we would all be social distancing and many of us self-isolating?!
You probably know someone in need of a little cheer, perhaps it's their birthday or an anniversary coming up?
This gift pack is designed to put a smile on their face, featuring our colourful Gins,  which are full of sunny vibes. You can include a nice personal message too.
Why not Zoom or Facetime them and raise a glass once they've received their gift? 

This Gift Pack use our small Miniature Gin bottles but it contains all you need to make a perfect Gin & Tonic.
  • 2x 50ml Bloody Bens Signature Gin
  • 2x 50ml Bloody Bens Pink Gin
  • 4x 200ml FeverTree Mediterranean Tonic. 
Our Signature Gin is inspired by Mallorcan dreaming and London living.
It's a traditional juniper forward London Dry Gin with Honey & Orange notes, giving it a delicious and distinctive taste. 
43% ABV. Equally great straight up, as a G&T or in a cocktail (it helps make a cracking Negroni). Handcrafted in Small Batches on our Copper Still in Balham, SW12 London.
It's award winning too.
Award Winning Bloody Bens Gin

Our Pink Gin tastes of Strawberries and Cream and is inspired by Wimbledon Tennis, just up the road from where we distill, and Summer Nights.  It's an absolute treat and will help make you smile whatever the weather.
If you prefer, you can ask for all Signature Gin or all Pink Gin but as standard, we will send you two Mini bottles of the Signature and two of the Pink.
Please note, you must be of legal drinking age to order this product.

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  • 50ml Bloody Bens Gin
  • 100ml Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic
  • Fill a glass with lots of ice (ideally large cubes)
  • Garnish with an Orange Slice (and if you're feeling fancy, a sprig of Lavender) for the Signature Gin and Strawberries for our Pink Gin.
Bloody Bens Signature Gin is our first ever Gin, inspired by living in London and dreaming in Mallorca.
Ben has been visiting Mallorca for 20 years and on those trips, typically strolling around Palma Old Town and stopping for a Cana or a (very) large Gin and Tonic, he used to dream of starting his own businesses. These ambitions were fuelled by living in London, frequently inspired by the amazing entrepreneurial spirit of the City. 
The Honey represents living and working in South West London, indeed we use Wandsworth Floral Honey in making the Gin. The Oranges represent holidaying and dreaming in Mallorca. 

The Gin has been made with escapism in mind. Escapism, of course, is different to everyone, For some, it’s saying screw it, I’m going to do it and start their own business. For others, it’s going on a lovely holiday. And for some, it’s taking a moment after a long day at work, or putting the kids to bed, to pour yourself a delicious drink and to savour the day.

Whatever your definition of escapism, every sip of Bloody Bens Signature Gin delivers a taste of what memories are made of.

And then we made a Pink Gin, inspired by the fact that Wimbledon Tennis is just up the road from our Micro Distillery. We did it as a summer special and it was so popular that we made it a permanent offering.

Bloody Bens Signature Gin helps make a cracking Negroni, many Bars use it for this.
It also makes a lovely Bees Knees and there are lots more possibilities, such as a warm Gin Toddy for the Winter. Get more ideas on our website here by clicking here.
The Pink Gin is begging to be turned into a Strawberry Fizz.

We'd love to hear and see your creations, please tag us @bloodybens on Instagram or Facebook.


If you've got any questions about Bloody Bens Gin, please email ben@bloodybens.com


Bloody Bens started with our Bloody Mary Mix which was created in Ben's Canteen which was famous for Brunch. So, Brunch, Bloody Marys, Ben's Canteen... obviously leads to Bloody Bens, right?! 

And when we started the Gin, we didn't want to start another bloody business so we kept the name.

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